Review: 2 Days in the Valley

A wonderful romp from 1996. I admit, it was a bit violent at times and perhaps a little too much gratuitous flesh for my taste, but otherwise, a really fun movie. Written and directed by John Herzfeld. I have a notion it contributes to a good movie when the writer is there on set moving everyone around.

It featured a bunch of offbeat characters, played well by such notable actors as Danny Aiello, Teri Hatcher, Jeff Daniels, James Spader, Marsha Mason, Eric Stoltz and Paul Mazursky

Of course, if I’ve liked it, the writing must have been tight and natural. A good story always sells me, too. This movie delivers on both counts.

I watch a LOT of movies. And more often than not, I know, (or have a sense about) what’s going to happen next. In this one, at every twist and turn, I said, “I didn’t see that coming!” That’s the mark of a good movie in my book. It certainly adds to my enjoyment.

The “Valley” is part of Los Angeles and the “2 Days” refers to 48 hours that doesn’t stop. It begins by telling several stories of people who don’t seem connected at all. When they come together . . .  that can produce something exciting. This one pays off well as a dark comedy of murder and mayhem, romance and redemption.

This sleeper garnered little attention in 1996 and not much since, but I would call it a must see.

IMDB reference: 2 Days in the Valley


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