Fanning the Flames of Fiction

I’ve been hearing lots of people talk glowingly about fiction lately.  Maybe it’s the warm weather and rebirth of summer that’s turned so many to the delights of story.  It could be the ease of e-books, too. Though one such Commentor was coming out of the library with a solid book in his hands.

Not so surprising as fiction is fun. And it comes in such a dazzling array of choices!  Fiction brings us drama and surprise, tears and laughter. The shrieks of horror, the challenge of a twisting mystery, the heartbreak of ill-fated lovers. The amazing places you may never be able to visit. All in 500 pages give or take, without leaving your sofa.

Step inside the nearly virtual experience fiction can provide as it transports us to another place and time.  All rules are gone. There are no limits to where you can go.  Fiction takes you places Non- dare not.

The reach of fiction cannot be denied.  Story is so basic to who we are, everyone can relate to a good one. Fiction can hand us universal concepts, illustrated so enjoyably, it’s like poetry.  Fiction has a way of illuminating, shining a light on every day truths, right in front of our mind’s eye,. Where Quantum Physics may be beyond our comprehension, a story, like The Alchemist, is easy to absorb.  How many people have read Harry Potter?

As a, largely, non-fiction writer, I love my time with fiction.  It allows a release from my more restrained prose.  For me, non-fiction either communicates or it doesn’t.  Fiction is not so easy to pin down.  Sometimes you want to obscure, even a little bit.  Fiction requires a different frame of mind. There is nothing in the world like seeing an entire story take place in your head, guiding it, fueling it, following it.  Wow!

Fiction rocks!


One response to “Fanning the Flames of Fiction

  1. Fiction is no doubt awesome!

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